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triostage Music is an integral part of all the curricula, especially religion for church liturgies and para-liturgies, such as Benediction, Stations of the Cross, sacramental prayer services and service learning evaluation assemblies. The music program teaches music skills and appreciation. Music is a performance art and two public concerts are scheduled each year. These concerts encourage students to use and to share their God-given talents. Time is also set aside during the school week for preparation for liturgical music.

Art is a vital, creative experience for the students from pre-kindergarten through grade 8. The primary art curriculum, grades 1-3, centers on the seasons of the year and is taught by the homeroom teachers and qualified parent volunteers. Beginning in grade 4, a more formal fine arts based curriculum is introduced. This curriculum, taught by a part-time art instructor, concentrates on the introduction of more advanced media. Small groups gather together in an art room that is shared on other days with the science lab classes. Art history is integrated with the various projects through lectures, slides and video presentations. Studentsí artwork is displayed locally on a regular basis.
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