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Financial Aid

The Archdiocese of Washington and St. John the Evangelist Parish offer financial assistance to parents who have children in our school. The Archdiocese and the Parish use the services of TADS in making financial aid determinations. The deadline to apply for ADW tuition assistance for the next school year is early in December. Each family applying for tuition assistance from the Archdiocese of Washington is required to complete a TADS Financial Aid & Assessment form.

Please file a TADS application even if it is after the deadline. You must apply for aid through the TADS to qualify for either the Archdiocese or the Parish. Follow the directions on the Archdiocese TADS site for financial aid .

St. John the Evangelist Parish provides financial aid as monies become available for said purpose. Monies are currently available. The Parish Tuition Assistance Committee will use the TADS information to make aid recommendations to the Pastor. The Pastor will review the recommendations and make final award determinations.

All families must apply to TADS for financial assistance, which now includes the Parish Award Sibling Grant. IF YOU DO NOT APPLY FOR AID THROUGH TADS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE SIBLING GRANT FOR YOUR 2ND, 3RD, etc. CHILD.

Tuition Assistance Application cycle opens Sept 26, 2016. Apply online at Please remember that NO FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE can be given to anyone who has not submitted a tuition assistance application. This includes receiving the sibling discount. Click on Financial Aid to apply online.

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