Mrs. Milenka Gutierrez

Mrs. Milenka Gutierrez was born in La Paz, Bolivia and lived there until the age of 12, when she came to the United States. She moved with her family to Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she still resides.
“Mrs. G”, as her students call her, is very active and loves to hike, play volleyball, and practice her Tae Kwon Do moves. She is an avid reader, too, and enjoys spending down-time curled up with a good book.  In her kitchen, with the fridge covered with her magnet collection from different countries, Mrs. G can be found with her husband, dining on her favorite dish of “lapping,” which is marinated beef steak with green lima beans, boiled potatoes, corn, and cheese salad.
When not imparting her scientific theories and facts to the students of SJE, Mrs. G loves to vacation in Cancun with her family and listen to Bolero and Latin Rap music. Summer is her favorite season because she loves to swim and spend quality time with her family and her cats. Mrs. G is a kind and compassionate teacher and is a trustworthy ear to all her students. Her youthful spirit and love of teaching science is infectious and makes life in the “big hall” exciting and new.
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Wow!  Look at the 8th grade hydraulic projects.  They created and built these projects in groups based on the knowledge Mrs. G has given them!   Click HERE to watch their videos as they present their incredible projects!

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