Dear Friends, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and introduce you to St. John the Evangelist (SJE) Elementary School.  We are a co-ed Catholic preschool (age 3-4) and elementary school (K-8) supported by St. John the Evangelist Parish.  We welcome students of all faiths and beliefs.  At St. John the Evangelist School, we seek to live out the Gospel message through our service to one another and to the larger community. We are ever thankful for the support of the parishioners, parents, priests, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters in sustaining the school’s mission to integrate Catholic philosophy with academic excellence. 

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, our intent is to assist them in this mission by helping children develop their potential and intellectual curiosity through a flexible, challenging, and diversified curriculum.  We guide the children to appreciate the uniqueness of themselves and others and to celebrate the diversity in our school and beyond.  We encourage students to recognize their responsibility to apply Catholic values to the problems of today’s society and to reach out to those in need in their local and global communities.

Finally, we strive to give students a firm moral foundation so they can succeed in future challenges to serve others as Christ instructed us to do. We invite you to enjoy the materials presented in our website and pay us a visit.  St. John the Evangelist School is located in Silver Spring, Maryland just north of I-495. Hope to see you soon! 

God bless,

Ms. Shindana Crawford


St. John the Evangelist School is a welcoming, caring community. Our sense of community and the importance of serving others, along with our award-winning academics, identify who we are.  Beginning in preschool, the faculty and staff consciously teach our students the importance of imitating Christ by serving others as He did.  Our school community reaches out to others in many ways to make them feel welcome. Our service-learning projects are central to this teaching process and help develop and maintain a culture of respect for all life.  When asked what makes our school special, the immediate response is “the great community spirit of St. John the Evangelist.” 


We believe that our students become aware of their unique value as children of God and begin to identify and develop their talents during their elementary years.  St. John the Evangelist School strives for both the development of its students’ academic abilities and for the formation of Christian ideals and values. 


St. John the Evangelist School is a Catholic parish school in the Archdiocese of Washington. Students are happy, safe, and academically challenged.  Each student is welcomed, regardless of socio-economic, physical, or academic background. The faculty recognizes and encourages the students to use their unique gifts in the service of others. As students progress through our school, they begin to understand and appreciate the contributions they can make to our school, parish, and community at large.  Upon graduation, the students are well prepared academically and spiritually for the challenges ahead. 


The mission of St. John the Evangelist School is to integrate Catholic philosophy and teaching with academic excellence. Building on the heritage and philosophy of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM), we are committed to “Inspiring Hearts & Minds.”  


We believe that: 

  • We are all created in the image and likeness of God.
  • We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Every individual has inherent worth.
  • As followers of Christ, we are all called to serve others.
  • We have the privilege of teaching the Gospel message to our students as well as the responsibility of witnessing that message to everyone, especially our students.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children.
  • The child benefits the most when teachers and parents work together.
  • All children can learn to their highest potential.
  • We must educate children to respond to social justice concerns. Understanding and appreciation of diversity are critical.
  • We need to vary our teaching techniques since students learn in many different ways.
  • We need to use various means of assessment in order to determine if the students have reached a significant level of learning.
  • The strong academic foundation we offer our students better prepares them for success in their future educational pursuits.
  • Our parishioners witnessing their own spirituality fosters a greater desire in our students to do the same.
  • Our parishioners’ dedication to having a Catholic school in this parish by supporting it financially is vital to the existence of our school.